XREquirectLayer: radius property

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The radius property of the XREquirectLayer interface represents the radius of the sphere.


A number representing the non-negative radius (in meters) of the sphere. Values of zero or infinity are treated as representing an infinite sphere. Setting radius to a value less than 0 will set it to 0.


Getting a layer's radius

The XRWebGLBinding.createEquirectLayer() method creates an equirect layer and allows specifying a radius. The XREquirectLayer.radius property can be used after layer creation to get the radius used or to set it to a new one.

const equirectLayer = xrGlBinding.createEquirectLayer({
  space: xrReferenceSpace,
  viewPixelWidth: 1200,
  viewPixelHeight: 600,
  centralHorizontalAngle: 2 * Math.PI,
  upperVerticalAngle: Math.PI / 2.0,
  lowerVerticalAngle: -Math.PI / 2.0,
  radius: 0,

equirectLayer.radius; // 0


WebXR Layers API Level 1
# dom-xrequirectlayer-radius

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