The StaticRange() constructor creates a new StaticRange object representing a span of content within the DOM. It includes properties identifying the standard and end positions of the range as well as a Boolean indicating whether or not the range is collapsed (that is, empty).


var staticRange = new StaticRange(rangeSpec)



The required rangeSpec parameter is an object adhering to the StaticRangeInit dictionary. The four required rangeSpec properties are:

The Node in which the starting point of the range is located.
The offset into the starting node at which the first character of the range is found.
The Node in which the end point of the range is located.
The offset into the node indicated by endOffset at which the last character in the range is located.

Return value

A new StaticRange object initialized with the values given in the rangeSpec object.


A DOMException fired if either or both of the startContainer and/or endContainer are a type of node which you can't include in a range. Those node types are Node.DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE (representing the DocumentType node derived from the DTD identified using the doctype preamble in the HTML, for example) and the Attr node describing an attribute of an element on the DOM..


Specification Status Comment
The definition of 'StaticRange()' in that specification.
Living Standard Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

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