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    Returns a node from a NodeList by index.


    nodeItem = nodeList.item(index) 
    • nodeList is a NodeList. This is usually obtained from another DOM property or method, such as childNodes.
    • index is the index of the node to be fetched. The index is zero-based.
    • nodeItem is the indexth node in the nodeList returned by the item method.

    JavaScript has a special simpler syntax for obtaining an item from a NodeList by index:

    nodeItem = nodeList[index]


    var tables = document.getElementsByTagName("table"); 
    var firstTable = tables.item(1); // or simply tables[1] - returns the second table in the DOM


    This method doesn't throw exceptions, a value of null is returned if the index is out of range.

    Note that despite this article's name, item() is not a method of DOM Element or Node.


    DOM Level 1 Core: NodeList.item()

    DOM Level 2 Core: NodeList.item()

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