The suspend() method of the OfflineAudioContext interface schedules a suspension of the time progression in the audio context at the specified time and returns a promise. This is generally useful at the time of manipulating the audio graph synchronously on OfflineAudioContext.

Note that the maximum precision of suspension is the size of the render quantum and the specified suspension time will be rounded down to the nearest render quantum boundary. For this reason, it is not allowed to schedule multiple suspends at the same quantized frame. Also scheduling should be done while the context is not running to ensure the precise suspension.


OfflineAudioContext.suspend(suspendTime).then(function() { ... });


A double 指定暂停的时间.


A Promise resolving to void.




  • 一个负值
  • 小于或等于当前时间
  • 大于或等于渲染的总渲染时间
  • is scheduled by another suspend for the same time


Specification Status Comment
Web Audio API
Recommendation Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

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Basic support 49.0        
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