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Возвращает само окно, являющееся объектом в виде массива, распечатывая элементы текущего окна.


frameList = window.frames;
  • frameList is a list of frame objects. It is similar to an array in that it has a length property and its items can be accessed using the [i] notation.
  • frameList === window evaluates to true.
  • Each item in the window.frames pseudo-array represents the window object corresponding to the given <frame>'s or <iframe>'s content, not the (i)frame DOM element (i.e., window.frames[0] is the same thing as document.getElementsByTagName("iframe")[0].contentWindow).
  • For more details about the returned value, refer to this thread on [dead link].


var frames = window.frames; // or // var frames = window.parent.frames;
for (var i = 0; i < frames.length; i++) { 
  // do something with each subframe as frames[i]
  frames[i] = "red";


Specification Status Comment
HTML Living Standard
Определение 'Window.frames' в этой спецификации.
Живой стандарт  
Определение 'Window.frames' в этой спецификации.

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