Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) is an XML-based language for describing mathematical notation.

MathML was originally designed as a general-purpose specification for browsers, office suites, computer algebra systems, EPUB readers, LaTeX-based generators. However, this approach was not very adapted to the Web: the subset focusing on semantics has never been implemented in browsers while the subset focusing on math layout led to incomplete and inconsistent browser implementations.

MathML Core is a subset with increased implementation details based on rules from LaTeX and the Open Font Format. It is tailored for browsers and designed specifically to work well with other web standards including HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript.

Below you will find links to documentation, examples, and tools to work with MathML. MDN uses MathML Core as a reference specification but, due to an erratic standardization history, legacy MathML features may still show up in existing implementations and web content.

Note: It is highly recommended that developers and authors switch to MathML Core, perhaps relying on other web technologies to cover missing use cases. The Math WG is maintaining a set of MathML polyfills to facilitate that transition.

MathML reference

MathML element reference

Details about each MathML element and compatibility information for desktop and mobile browsers.

MathML attribute reference

Information about MathML attributes that modify the appearance or behavior of elements.

MathML examples

MathML samples and examples to help you understand how it works.

Authoring MathML

Suggestions and tips for writing MathML, including suggested MathML editors and how to integrate their output into Web content.

MathML tutorial

A gentle introduction to MathML.

Getting help from the community


Browser compatibility

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