The <mtr> MathML element represents a row in a table or a matrix. It may only appear in a <mtable> element and its children are <mtd> elements representing cells. This element is similar to the <tr> element of HTML.


This element's attributes include the global MathML attributes. Some browsers may also support the following attributes:

columnalign Non-standard

Overrides the horizontal alignment of cells specified by <mtable> for this row. Multiple values separated by space are allowed and apply to the corresponding columns (e.g. columnalign="left center right"). Possible values are: left, center and right.

rowalign Non-standard

Overrides the vertical alignment of cells specified by <mtable> for this row. Possible values are: axis, baseline, bottom, center and top.


MathML Core
# row-in-table-or-matrix-mtr

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