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The read-only matrix property of the XRRay interface is a transform that can be used to position objects along the XRRay. This is a 4 by 4 matrix given as a 16 element Float32Array in column major order.

The transform from a ray originates at [0, 0, 0] and extends down the negative z-axis to the ray described by the XRRay's origin and direction.


A 16 element Float32Array object representing a 4 by 4 matrix in column major order.


Using the matrix property

The matrix property can be used to position graphical representations of the ray when rendering.

let origin = {x : 10.0, y : 10.0, z : 10.0, w : 1.0};
let direction = {x : 10.0, y : 0.0, z : 0.0, w : 0.0};
let ray = new XRRay(origin, direction);

// Render the ray using the `ray.matrix` transform


WebXR Hit Test Module
# dom-xrray-matrix

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