SVGStyleElement: title property

The SVGStyleElement.title property is a string corresponding to the title attribute of the given SVG style element. It may be used to select between alternate style sheets.


A string with any value.

The value is initialized with the string specified in the corresponding style's title attribute.


This example demonstrates programmatically getting and setting the title property on a style that was defined in an SVG definition.


The HTML contains an SVG definition for a <circle> with a <style> element that has a title. We also define a text area for logging the current title.

<textarea id="log" rows="3" cols="50"></textarea>
  <style title="gold fill style">
    circle {
      fill: gold;
  <circle cx="50" cy="40" r="25" />


The code below gets the style element (an SVGStyleElement) using its tag name, logs the title, then changes and logs the title again.

const log = document.getElementById("log");

const svg = document.querySelector("svg");
const style = svg.querySelector("style");
log.value = `Initial title: ${style.title}\n`;
style.title = "Altered Title";
log.value += `New title: ${style.title}`;


The text in the log below shows that the title initially reflects the matching attribute on the <style> element, but can then be changed to another value.

Note that alternate styles are not applied by default; they must be selected as the preferred stylesheet by the user. To apply the alternate stylesheets on Firefox:

  1. Open the Menu Bar (Press F10 or tap the Alt key)
  2. Open View > Page Style submenu
  3. Select the stylesheets based on their names.


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