All of the SVG DOM interfaces that correspond directly to elements in the SVG language derive from the SVGElement interface.

EventTarget Node Element SVGElement

Instance properties

Also inherits properties from the Element interface.

SVGElement.attributeStyleMap Read only

A StylePropertyMap representing the declarations of the element's style attribute.

HTMLElement.dataset Read only

A DOMStringMap object which provides a list of key/value pairs of named data attributes which correspond to custom data attributes attached to the element. These can also be defined in SVG using attributes of the form data-*, where * is the key name for the pair. This works just like HTML's HTMLElement.dataset property and HTML's data-* global attribute.

SVGElement.className Deprecated Read only

An SVGAnimatedString that reflects the value of the class attribute on the given element, or the empty string if class is not present. This attribute is deprecated and may be removed in a future version of this specification. Authors are advised to use Element.classList instead.


Returns the cryptographic number used once that is used by Content Security Policy to determine whether a given fetch will be allowed to proceed.

SVGElement.ownerSVGElement Read only

An SVGSVGElement referring to the nearest ancestor <svg> element. null if the given element is the outermost <svg> element.

A CSSStyleDeclaration representing the declarations of the element's style attribute.


The position of the element in the tabbing order.

SVGElement.viewportElement Read only

The SVGElement which established the current viewport. Often the nearest ancestor <svg> element. null if the given element is the outermost <svg> element.

Instance methods

This interface has no methods, but inherits methods from Element.


Listen to these events using addEventListener() or by assigning an event listener to the equivalent on... handler property.


Fired when page loading is stopped before an SVG element has been allowed to load completely.


Fired when an SVG element does not load properly or when an error occurs during script execution.


Fires on an SVGElement when it is loaded in the browser.


Fired when an SVG document is being resized.


Fired when an SVG document view is being shifted along the X and/or Y axes.


Fired when the DOM implementation removes an SVG document from a window or frame.


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