Experimental: 这是一个实验中的功能

HTML <menu> 元素呈现了一组用户可执行或激活的命令。这既包含了可能出现在屏幕顶端的列表菜单,也包含了那些隐藏在按钮之下、当点击按钮后显示出来的文本菜单。

Content categories Flow content. Additionally, if in the list menu state, palpable content. (list menu is the default state, unless the parent element is a <menu> in the context menu state.)
Permitted content If the element is in the list menu state: flow content, or alternatively, zero or more occurrences of <li>, <script>, and <template>.
If the element is in the context menu state: zero or more occurrences, in any order, of <menu> (context menu state only), <menuitem>, <hr>, <script>, and <template>.
Tag omission 不允许,开始标签和结束标签都不能省略。
Permitted parents Any element that accepts flow content.
Permitted ARIA roles None
DOM interface HTMLMenuElement (en-US)



label 已弃用

The name of the menu as shown to the user. Used within nested menus, to provide a label through which the submenu can be accessed. Must only be specified when the parent element is a <menu> in the context menu state.


This attribute indicates the kind of menu being declared, and can be one of two values.

  • context 已弃用 : Indicates the popup menu state, which represents a group of commands activated through another element. This might be as a button menu referenced by a menu attribute of a <button> element, or as context menu for an element with a contextmenu (en-US) attribute. This value is the default if the attribute is missing and the parent element is also a <menu> element.
  • toolbar: Indicates the toolbar state, which represents a toolbar consisting of a series of commands for user interaction. This might be in the form of an unordered list of <li> elements, or, if the element has no <li> element children, flow content describing available commands. This value is the default if the attribute is missing.


<menu><ul> 元素都呈现了无序列表元素。最主要的区别是,<ul> 主要是为了展示选项,而 <menu> 则是为了交互。

An HTML menu can be used to create context menus (typically activated by right-clicking another element) or toolbars.

Context menus consist of a <menu> element which contains <menuitem> elements for each selectable option in the menu, <menu> elements for submenus within the menu, and <hr> elements for separator lines to break up the menu's content into sections. Context menus are then attached to the element they're activated from using either the associated element's contextmenu attribute or, for button-activated menus attached to <button> elements, the menu attribute.

Toolbar menus consist of a <menu> element whose content is described in one of two ways: either as an unordered list of items represented by <li> elements (each representing a command or option the user can utilize), or (if there are no <li> elements), flow content describing the available commands and options.

这个元素在 HTML4 中被弃用,但在 HTML 5.1 和 HTML living standard 中被重新推荐使用。这份文档描述的是当前 Firefox 上的实现。根据 HTML 5.1 的规定,<list> 元素的类型可能会更改为<toolbar>



已弃用: 不再推荐使用该特性。虽然一些浏览器仍然支持它,但也许已从相关的 web 标准中移除,也许正准备移除或出于兼容性而保留。请尽量不要使用该特性,并更新现有的代码;参见本页面底部的兼容性表格以指导你作出决定。请注意,该特性随时可能无法正常工作。


<!-- A <div> element with a context menu -->
<div contextmenu="popup-menu">
  Right-click to see the adjusted context menu

<menu type="context" id="popup-menu">
  <menuitem>Another action</menuitem>
  <menuitem>Separated action</menuitem>


div {
  width: 300px;
  height: 80px;
  background-color: lightgreen;



警告: Menu buttons haven't been implemented in any known browsers yet. The type attribute on the <menu> element is now obsolete.

警告: <menuitem> element is obsolete.


<!-- A button, which displays a menu when clicked. -->
<button type="menu" menu="popup-menu">

<menu type="context" id="popup-menu">
  <menuitem>Another action</menuitem>
  <menuitem>Separated action</menuitem>



警告: Toolbar menus haven't been implemented in any known browsers yet.


<!-- A context menu for a simple editor,
   - containing two menu buttons. -->
<menu type="toolbar">
    <button type="menu" menu="file-menu">File</button>
    <menu type="context" id="file-menu">
      <menuitem label="New..." onclick="newFile()">
      <menuitem label="Save..." onclick="saveFile()">
    <button type="menu" menu="edit-menu">Edit</button>
    <menu type="context" id="edit-menu">
      <menuitem label="Cut..." onclick="cutEdit()">
      <menuitem label="Copy..." onclick="copyEdit()">
      <menuitem label="Paste..." onclick="pasteEdit()">



HTML Standard
# the-menu-element


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