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私たちのEmogotchi demo (view it running live)に含まれている次のスニペットでは、呼び出されるとoptionsオブジェクトを生成してから、新しい通知を生成するシンプルな関数があります。関数の最後では、4秒後に通知を閉じるためにsetTimeout()関数の内側でclose()を呼び出します。(いくつかのブラウザは大量発生した通知を自動的に閉じますが、ChormeとOperaのようないくつかのブラウザは閉じません)。通知に関連してclose()を確実に呼び出すためにbind()を使用していることに注意してください。

function spawnNotification(theBody,theIcon,theTitle) {
  var options = {
      body: theBody,
      icon: theIcon

  var n = new Notification(theTitle,options);
  setTimeout(n.close.bind(n), 4000);


Specification Status Comment
Notifications API 現行の標準 Living standard


現在、互換性データを可読形式の JSON フォーマットに置き換えているところです。 この互換性一覧は古い形式を使っており、これに含まれるデータの置き換えが済んでいません。 手助けしていただける場合は、こちらから!

Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Basic support 5webkit[1]
4.0 (2.0)moz[2]
22.0 (22.0)
未サポート 25 6[3]
Feature Android Android Webview Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Firefox OS IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile Chrome Mobile
Basic support ?


4.0 (4.0)moz[2]
22.0 (22.0)
未サポート ? 未サポート


[1] Before Chrome 22, the support for notification followed an old prefixed version of the specification and used the navigator.webkitNotifications object to instantiate a new notification.

Before Chrome 32, Notification.permission was not supported.

Before Chrome 42, service worker additions were not supported.

[2] Prior to Firefox 22 (Firefox OS <1.2), the instantiation of a new notification must be done with the navigator.mozNotification object through its createNotification method.

Prior to Firefox 22 (Firefox OS <1.2), the Notification was displayed when calling the show method and supported only the click and close events.

Nick Desaulniers wrote a Notification shim to cover both newer and older implementations.

One particular Firefox OS issue is that you can pass a path to an icon to use in the notification, but if the app is packaged you cannot use a relative path like /my_icon.png. You also can't use window.location.origin + "/my_icon.png" because window.location.origin is null in packaged apps. The manifest origin field fixes this, but it is only available in Firefox OS 1.1+. A potential solution for supporting Firefox OS <1.1 is to pass an absolute URL to an externally hosted version of the icon. This is less than ideal as the notification is displayed immediately without the icon, then the icon is fetched, but it works on all versions of Firefox OS.

When using notifications  in a Firefox OS app, be sure to add the desktop-notification permission in your manifest file. Notifications can be used at any permission level, hosted or above: "permissions": { "desktop-notification": {} }

[3] Safari started to support notification with Safari 6, but only on Mac OSX 10.8+ (Mountain Lion).