The onreflectionchange property of the XRLightProbe interface is and event handler for the reflectionchange event.


A function to be invoked whenever the XRLightProbe receives a reflectionchange event.


Whenever the reflectionchange event fires on a light probe, you can retrieve an updated cube map by calling XRWebGLBinding.getReflectionCubeMap(). This is less expensive than retrieving lighting information with every XRFrame.

const glBinding = new XRWebGLBinding(xrSession, gl);

lightProbe.onreflectionchange = event => {
  glCubeMap = glBinding.getReflectionCubeMap(lightProbe);

See the reflectionchange event page for an example using addEventListener().


WebXR Lighting Estimation API Level 1 (WebXR Lighting Estimation API 1)
# dom-xrlightprobe-onreflectionchange

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