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The setActionHandler() property of the MediaSession interface sets an event handler for a media session action. These actions let a web app receive notifications when the user engages a device's built-in physical or onscreen media controls, such as play, stop, or seek buttons.


navigator.mediaSession.setActionHandler(type, callback)


A DOMString representing an action type to listen for. It will be one of play, pause, seekbackward, seekforward, previoustrack, or nexttrack.
A function to call when the specified action type is invoked. The callback receives no input parameters, and should not return a value.

Return value


Usage notes

To remove a previously-established action handler, call setActionHandler() again, specifying null as the callback.


The following example creates a new media session and assigns action handlers (which don't do anything) to it.

if ('mediaSession' in navigator){
  navigator.mediaSession.metadata = new MediaMetadata({
    title: "Podcast Episode Title",
    artist: "Podcast Host",
    album: "Podcast Name",
    artwork: [{src: "podcast.jpg"}]
  navigator.mediaSession.setActionHandler('play', function() {});
  navigator.mediaSession.setActionHandler('pause', function() {});
  navigator.mediaSession.setActionHandler('seekbackward', function() {});
  navigator.mediaSession.setActionHandler('seekforward', function() {});
  navigator.mediaSession.setActionHandler('previoustrack', function() {});
  navigator.mediaSession.setActionHandler('nexttrack', function() {});

This example uses appropriate action handlers to allow seeking in either direction through the playing media.

let skipTime = 10; // Time to skip in seconds

navigator.mediaSession.setActionHandler('seekbackward', evt => {
  // User clicked "Seek Backward" media notification icon.
  audio.currentTime = Math.max(audio.currentTime - skipTime, 0);

navigator.mediaSession.setActionHandler('seekforward', evt => {
  // User clicked "Seek Forward" media notification icon.
  audio.currentTime = Math.min(audio.currentTime + skipTime,    

To remove a media action handler, assign it to null.

navigator.mediaSession.setActionHandler('nexttrack', null);


Specification Status Comment
Media Session Standard
The definition of 'MediaSession.setActionHandler()' in that specification.
Draft Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

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