MediaSource: endOfStream() method

The endOfStream() method of the MediaSource interface signals the end of the stream.




endOfStreamError Optional

A string representing an error to throw when the end of the stream is reached. The possible values are:


Terminates playback and signals that a network error has occurred. This can be used create a custom error handler related to media streams. For example, you might have a function that handles media chunk requests, separate from other network requests. When you make a fetch() request for a media chunk and receive a network error, you might want to call endOfStream('network'), display a descriptive message in the UI, and maybe retry the network request immediately or wait until the network is back up (via some kind of polling.)


Terminates playback and signals that a decoding error has occurred. This can be used to indicate that a parsing error has occurred while fetching media data; maybe the data is corrupt, or is encoded using a codec that the browser doesn't know how to decode.

Return value

None (undefined).


InvalidStateError DOMException

Thrown if MediaSource.readyState is not equal to open, or one or more of the SourceBuffer objects in MediaSource.sourceBuffers are being updated (i.e. their SourceBuffer.updating property is true.)


The following snippet is from a simple example written by Nick Desaulniers (view the full demo live, or download the source for further investigation). The function getMediaSource(), which is not defined here, returns a MediaSource.

const assetURL = "frag_bunny.mp4";
// Need to be specific for Blink regarding codecs
// ./mp4info frag_bunny.mp4 | grep Codec
const mimeCodec = 'video/mp4; codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2"';

let mediaSource;

if ("MediaSource" in window && MediaSource.isTypeSupported(mimeCodec)) {
  mediaSource = getMediaSource();
  console.log(mediaSource.readyState); // closed
  video.src = URL.createObjectURL(mediaSource);
  mediaSource.addEventListener("sourceopen", sourceOpen);
} else {
  console.error("Unsupported MIME type or codec: ", mimeCodec);

function sourceOpen() {
  console.log(this.readyState); // open
  const sourceBuffer = mediaSource.addSourceBuffer(mimeCodec);
  fetchAB(assetURL, (buf) => {
    sourceBuffer.addEventListener("updateend", () => {
      console.log(mediaSource.readyState); // ended


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