How to file ARIA-related bugs

The state of ARIA technology has always depended on the community. If you notice an implementation issue, please take a little time and let the developers know. Here's where to file bugs:

When finding a bug, please also update the relevant compatibility tables in the examples page.

TBD: add proper accessibility markup to table

Genre Software Where to file Notes
Screen readers Freedom Scientific JAWS JAWS technical support form
GW Micro Window Eyes Window-Eyes comments, questions, and feedback (email)
Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) File NVDA bugs Discuss NVDA issues
Browsers Apple Safari File bugs
Google Chrome File Chromium bugs
Microsoft Internet Explorer File IE bugs
Microsoft Edge File MS Edge Bugs View existing MS Edge ARIA bugs
Mozilla Firefox File Firefox bugs Use Component: Disability Access APIs
Opera File Opera bugs Use [ARIA] in the summary field
JS Libraries Dojo Toolkit File Dojo bug Put Accessibility in the component field
Yahoo User Interface File YUI bugs File against specific component in category combobox and include ARIA in summary field