ARIA guides

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) defines ways to make the Web more accessible to people with disabilities. A few guidelines to follow that ensure better accessibility, like using drag and drop for placement of the widgets.

  • Error Handling in Forms
  • Labeling widgets
  • Labeling Composite Widgets and Regions
  • Managing Focus in Composite Widgets (aria-activedescendant vs roving tabindex)
  • Using Landmark Roles
  • Handling Dynamic Updates & Live Regions
  • Virtual vs. Non Virtual Mode in AT Products
  • Using Drag & Drop
  • Notifying users of Non-ARIA Screen Readers
  • Fixing structure with presentation role
  • Hiding Layout tables
  • Managing Modal and Non Modal Dialogs
  • Using ARIA with HTML5
  • How to test ARIA
  • ARIA on Mobile Devices