The aria-grabbed state indicates an element's "grabbed" state in a drag-and-drop operation. Deprecated


Text selections, images, and links can be dragged by default. Setting the global draggable="true" attribute, part of HTML5's Drag and Drop API, with a dragstart event handler, means any DOM node can be made draggable as well.

The aria-grabbed attribute was used to indicate if an element is in a "grabbed" state in a drag-and-drop operation with aria-grabbed="true" or if that the element is grabbable, but not currently grabbed with aria-grabbed="false".

Setting aria-grabbed="true" indicated the element had been selected for dragging. Setting aria-grabbed="false" indicated that the element could be grabbed for a drag-and-drop operation, but is not currently grabbed.

When aria-grabbed is set to true, the aria-dropeffect attribute of all potential drop targets should be updated with the type of function, or effect, will occur to the grabbed element when it is dropped. When no element is in a grabbed state, revert the aria-dropeffect attributes of all your drop targets.

The aria-grabbed property is expected to be replaced by a new feature in a future version of WAI-ARIA and is considered deprecated.

Note: ARIA does not enable accessible functionality. ARIA only conveys the intended behavior of your functionality.



The element has been selected for dragging.


The element is not currently selected for dragging, but can be made available for dragging by setting the property to true.

undefined (default)

The element does not support being dragged

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Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)
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