The XMLHttpRequest.responseType property is an enumerated value that returns the type of response. It also lets the author change the response type. If an empty string is set as the value of responseType, the default value text will be used.

Setting the value of responseType to "document" is ignored if done in a  Worker environment. When setting responseType to a particular value, the author should make sure that the server is actually sending a response compatible to that format. If the server returns data that is not compatible to the responseType that was set, the value of response will be null. Also, setting responseType for synchronous requests will throw an InvalidAccessError exception.

The values supported by responseType are the following:

Value Data type of response property
"" DOMString (this is the default value)
"arraybuffer" ArrayBuffer
"blob" Blob
"document" Document
"json" JSON
"text" DOMString

Similar to "arraybuffer", but is streaming. This means that the value in response is only available during dispatch of the "progress" event and only contains the data received since the last "progress" event.

When response is accessed during a "progress" event it contains a string with the data. Otherwise it returns null.

This mode currently only works in Firefox.

"ms-stream" Indicates that the response is part of a streaming download. It is supported only for download requests. This mode is available only in Internet Explorer.


Specification Status Comment
XMLHttpRequest Living Standard WHATWG living standard

Browser compatibility

Feature Chrome Edge Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
Basic support 31 (Yes) 12[1] 10 18 7.1
Feature Android Chrome for Android Edge Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support

4.0.3 [2]

55 (Yes) 50[1] 10 ? ?

[1] The proprietary moz-blob and moz-chunked-text values were removed completely in Firefox 58.

[2] Only text and arraybuffer supported.

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