UIEvent: UIEvent() constructor

The UIEvent() constructor creates a new UIEvent object.

Note: If you construct a synthetic event using this constructor, that event will not be trusted, for security reasons. Only browser-generated UIEvent objects are trusted and only trusted events trigger default actions.


new UIEvent(type)
new UIEvent(type, options)



A string with the name of the event. It is case-sensitive and browsers set it to load, unload, abort, error, or select.

options Optional

An object that, in addition of the properties defined in Event(), can have the following properties:

detail Optional

A number that is an event-dependent value associated with the event. It defaults to 0 and UIEvent.detail lists the semantic for standard events.

view Optional

The Window associated with the event. Its default value is null.

sourceCapabilities Optional Non-standard

An InputDeviceCapabilities object which provides information about the physical device responsible for generating a touch event.

Result value

A new UIEvent object.


UI Events
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See also

  • UIEvent, the interface of the objects it constructs.