The FocusEvent interface represents focus-related events, including focus, blur, focusin, and focusout.

Event UIEvent FocusEvent



Creates a FocusEvent event with the given parameters.

Instance properties

This interface also inherits properties from its parent UIEvent, and indirectly from Event.


An EventTarget representing a secondary target for this event. In some cases (such as when tabbing in or out a page), this property may be set to null for security reasons.

Instance methods

This interface has no specific methods. It inherits methods from its parent UIEvent, and indirectly from Event.

Order of events

When focus is shifted from element A to element B, focus events are dispatched in the following order:

  1. blur: sent after element A loses focus.
  2. focusout: sent after the blur event.
  3. focus: sent after element B receives focus.
  4. focusin: sent after the focus event.


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See also

  • The Event base interface