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The SpeechGrammarList interface of the Web Speech API represents a list of SpeechGrammar objects containing words or patterns of words that we want the recognition service to recognize.

Grammar is defined using JSpeech Grammar Format (JSGF.) Other formats may also be supported in the future.


SpeechGrammarList() Experimental

Creates a new SpeechGrammarList object.

Instance properties

SpeechGrammarList.length Read only Experimental

Returns the number of SpeechGrammar objects contained in the SpeechGrammarList.

Instance methods

SpeechGrammarList.item() Experimental

Standard getter — allows individual SpeechGrammar objects to be retrieved from the SpeechGrammarList using array syntax.

SpeechGrammarList.addFromURI() Experimental

Takes a grammar present at a specific URI and adds it to the SpeechGrammarList as a new SpeechGrammar object.

SpeechGrammarList.addFromString() Experimental

Adds a grammar in a string to the SpeechGrammarList as a new SpeechGrammar object.


In our simple Speech color changer example, we create a new SpeechRecognition object instance using the SpeechRecognition() constructor, create a new SpeechGrammarList, add our grammar string to it using the SpeechGrammarList.addFromString method, and set it to be the grammar that will be recognized by the SpeechRecognition instance using the SpeechRecognition.grammars property.

const grammar =
  "#JSGF V1.0; grammar colors; public <color> = aqua | azure | beige | bisque | black | blue | brown | chocolate | coral | crimson | cyan | fuchsia | ghostwhite | gold | goldenrod | gray | green | indigo | ivory | khaki | lavender | lime | linen | magenta | maroon | moccasin | navy | olive | orange | orchid | peru | pink | plum | purple | red | salmon | sienna | silver | snow | tan | teal | thistle | tomato | turquoise | violet | white | yellow ;";
const recognition = new SpeechRecognition();
const speechRecognitionList = new SpeechGrammarList();
speechRecognitionList.addFromString(grammar, 1);
recognition.grammars = speechRecognitionList;


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