The SpeechRecognitionEvent interface of the Web Speech API represents the event object for the result and nomatch events, and contains all the data associated with an interim or final speech recognition result.

Event SpeechRecognitionEvent

Instance properties

SpeechRecognitionEvent also inherits properties from its parent interface, Event.

SpeechRecognitionEvent.emma Read only Deprecated Non-standard

Returns an Extensible MultiModal Annotation markup language (EMMA) — XML — representation of the result.

SpeechRecognitionEvent.interpretation Read only Deprecated Non-standard

Returns the semantic meaning of what the user said.

SpeechRecognitionEvent.resultIndex Read only

Returns the lowest index value result in the SpeechRecognitionResultList "array" that has actually changed.

SpeechRecognitionEvent.results Read only

Returns a SpeechRecognitionResultList object representing all the speech recognition results for the current session.


This code is excerpted from our Speech color changer example.

recognition.onresult = (event) => {
  // The SpeechRecognitionEvent results property returns a SpeechRecognitionResultList object
  // The SpeechRecognitionResultList object contains SpeechRecognitionResult objects.
  // It has a getter so it can be accessed like an array
  // The first [0] returns the SpeechRecognitionResult at position 0.
  // Each SpeechRecognitionResult object contains SpeechRecognitionAlternative objects that contain
  // individual results.
  // These also have getters so they can be accessed like arrays.
  // The second [0] returns the SpeechRecognitionAlternative at position 0.
  // We then return the transcript property of the SpeechRecognitionAlternative object
  const color = event.results[0][0].transcript;
  diagnostic.textContent = `Result received: ${color}.`;
  bg.style.backgroundColor = color;


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