RTCError: errorDetail property

The RTCError interface's read-only errorDetail property is a string indicating the WebRTC-specific error code that occurred.


A read-only string whose value indicates the type of WebRTC-specific error that occurred on an RTCPeerConnection. The possible values are:


The connection's RTCDataChannel has failed.


The negotiation of the DTLS connection failed, or the connection was terminated with a fatal error. The error's message contains details about the nature of the error. If a fatal error is received, the error object's receivedAlert property is set to the value of the DTLSL alert received. If, on the other hand, a fatal error was sent, the sentAlert is set to the alert's value.


The remote certificate for the RTCDtlsTransport didn't match any of the fingerprints listed in the SDP. If the remote peer can't match the local certificate against the provided fingerprints, this error doesn't occur, though this situation may result instead in a dtls-failure error.


The hardware encoder doesn't support the given configuration parameters.


The hardware encoder resources required to accomplish the requested operation aren't available.


The SCTP negotiation has failed, or the connection has terminated with a fatal error. The SCTP cause code can be found in the RTCError object's sctpCauseCode. SCTP error cause codes 1-13 are defined in the SCTP specification: RFC 4960, section 3.3.10.


The SDP syntax is invalid. The error's sdpLineNumber property indicates the line number within the SDP at which the error was detected.




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