The RTCPeerConnectionIceErrorEvent interface—based upon the Event interface—provides details pertaining to an ICE error announced by sending an icecandidateerror event to the RTCPeerConnection object.

Event RTCPeerConnectionIceErrorEvent



Creates and returns a new RTCPeerConnectionIceErrorEvent object, with its type and other properties initialized as specified in the parameters. You will not normally create an object of this type yourself.

Instance properties

The RTCPeerConnectionIceErrorEvent interface includes the properties found on the Event interface, as well as the following properties:

address Read only

A string providing the local IP address used to communicate with the STUN or TURN server being used to negotiate the connection, or null if the local IP address has not yet been exposed as part of a local ICE candidate.

errorCode Read only

An unsigned integer value stating the numeric STUN error code returned by the STUN or TURN server. If no host candidate can reach the server, this property is set to the number 701, which is outside the range of valid STUN error codes. The 701 error is fired only once per server URL, and only while the icegatheringstate is gathering.

errorText Read only

A string containing the STUN reason text returned by the STUN or TURN server. If communication with the STUN or TURN server couldn't be established at all, this string will be a browser-specific string explaining the error.

port Read only

An unsigned integer value giving the port number over which communication with the STUN or TURN server is taking place, using the IP address given in address. null if the connection hasn't been established (that is, if address is null).

url Read only

A string indicating the URL of the STUN or TURN server with which the error occurred.

Instance methods

RTCPeerConnectionIceErrorEvent has no methods other than any provided by the parent interface, Event.




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