The WebRTC API's RTCErrorEvent interface represents an error sent to a WebRTC object. It's based on the standard Event interface, but adds RTC-specific information describing the error, as shown below.

Event RTCErrorEvent



Creates and returns a new RTCErrorEvent object.

Instance properties

In addition to the standard properties available on the Event interface, RTCErrorEvent also includes the following:

error Read only

An RTCError object specifying the error which occurred; this object includes the type of error that occurred, information about where the error occurred (such as which line number in the SDP or what SCTP cause code was at issue).

Instance methods

No additional methods are provided beyond any found on the parent interface, Event.


There are other data types used for error events in WebRTC, as needed for errors with special information sharing requirements. The most common of these is probably RTCPeerConnectionIceErrorEvent, used by the icecandidateerror event, which signals an error that has occurred while gathering ICE candidates during connection negotiation.


WebRTC: Real-Time Communication in Browsers
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