PerformanceScriptTiming: windowAttribution property

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The windowAttribution read-only property of the PerformanceScriptTiming interface returns an enumerated value describing the relationship of the container (i.e., either the top-level document or an <iframe>) in which the long animation frame (LoAF)-causing script was executed, relative to the window running the current document.


An enumerated value, which can be one of:


The current document is a descendant of the document in which the script was executed, embedded inside it in an <iframe>.


The script was executed in a descendant document embedded inside the current document in an <iframe>.


The location of the document the script was executed in could not be determined.


The script was executed in a version of the current document embedded within the current document in an <iframe>.


The script was executed in the current document.


See Long animation frame timing for examples related to the Long Animation Frames API.


Long Animation Frames API
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