PerformanceScriptTiming: invokerType property

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The invokerType read-only property of the PerformanceScriptTiming interface returns a string value indicating the type of feature that, when invoked, ran the script.


A string indicating the invoker type of the script entry point. Possible values are:


A known callback invoked from within a web platform API, such as setTimeout() or Window.requestAnimationFrame().


An event listener for a web platform event, such as click, load, or keyup.


A handler function for the resolved state of a web platform promise, such as fetch(). Note that in the case of promises, all the handlers of the same promise are grouped together as a single "script" entry type.


A handler function for the rejected state of a web platform promise.


The evaluation of a standard script (for example, via a <script> element or an import() statement).


The evaluation of a module script.

The structure of the PerformanceScriptTiming.invoker value depends on the script's invokerType value. Check out the invoker page for more details.


See Long animation frame timing for examples related to the Long Animation Frames API.


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