MediaTrackSettings: displaySurface property

The MediaTrackSettings dictionary's displaySurface property indicates the type of display surface being captured.


The value of displaySurface is a string that comes from the DisplayCaptureSurfaceType enumerated type, and is one of the following:


The stream's video track presents the entire contents of a single browser tab which the user selected during the getDisplayMedia() call.


The video track in the stream presents the complete contents of one or more of the user's screens. Any empty space (if the displays are of different dimensions) is filled with a backdrop chosen by the user agent.


The stream's video track presents the contents of a single window selected by the user. The window may be from any application, not necessarily just from within the user agent.

Not all user agents support all of these surface types.


Screen Capture
# dom-mediatrackconstraintset-displaysurface

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