API イベントサブページのテンプレート



API イベントサブページのタイトルは、 所属するインターフェイス名 + ": " + イベント名 + " イベント"としてください。例えば、 vrdisplaypresentchange イベントが Window インターフェイスに所属している場合は、タイトルWindow: vrdisplaypresentchange イベントとなります。

スラッグ (URL の最後の部分) は、イベント名 + "_event" としてください。したがって、 vrdisplaypresentchange のスラッグは vrdisplaypresentchange_event です。



  • {{draft()}} — this generates a Draft banner that indicates that the page is not yet complete, and should only be removed when the first draft of the page is completely finished. After it is ready to be published, you can remove this.
  • {{SeeCompatTable}} — this generates a This is an experimental technology banner that indicates the technology is experimental). If the technology you are documenting is not experimental, you can remove this. If it is experimental, and the technology is hidden behind a pref in Firefox, you should also fill in an entry for it in the Experimental features in Firefox page.
  • {{securecontext_header}} — this generates a Secure context banner that indicates the technology is only available in a secure context. If it isn't, then you can remove the macro call. If it is, then you should also fill in an entry for it in the Features restricted to secure contexts page.
  • {{deprecated_header}} — this generates a Deprecated banner that indicates the technology is deprecated. If it isn't, then you can remove the macro call.
  • {{APIRef("GroupDataName")}} — this generates the left hand reference sidebar showing quick reference links related to the current page. For example, every page in the WebVR API has the same sidebar, which points to the other pages in the API. To generate the correct sidebar for your API, you need to add a GroupData entry to our KumaScript GitHub repo, and include the entry's name inside the macro call in place of GroupDataName. See our API reference sidebars guide for information on how to do this.


In an API event subpage, you need to include the following tags (see the Tags section at the bottom of the editor UI): API, Reference, Event, the name of the API (e.g. WebVR), the name of the parent interface (e.g. Window), Experimental (if the technology is experimental), Secure context (if it is available in a secure context only), and Deprecated (if it is deprecated).

Optionally, you can elect to include some other tags that effective represent terms people might search for when looking for information on that technology. For example on WebVR interface pages we include VR and Virtual reality.


To fill in the browser compat data, you first need to fill in an entry for the API into our Browser compat data repo — see our guide on how to do this.

Once that is done, you can show the compat data for the method with a {{Compat()}} macro call.






この機能は一部またはすべての対応しているブラウザーにおいて、安全なコンテキスト (HTTPS) でのみ利用できます。



The summary paragraph — start by naming the event, saying what interface it is part of, and saying what it does. This should ideally be 1 or 2 short sentences. You could copy most of this from the property's summary on the corresponding API reference page.

バブリング あり/なし
キャンセル 可/不可
インターフェイス イベントが発生する親インターフェイスへのリンクです。例えば VRDisplayEvent
イベントハンドラープロパティ イベントに対応するイベントハンドラープロパティへのリンクです。例えば onvrdisplaypresentchange (en-US)

Fill in a simple example that nicely shows a typical usage of the event, then perhaps some more complex examples (see our guide on how to add code examples for more information).

my code block

And/or include a list of links to useful code samples that live elsewhere:

  • x
  • y
  • z


仕様書 状態 備考
NameOfTheEvent の定義
不明 初回定義


No compatibility data found for path.to.feature.NameOfTheEvent_event.
Check for problems with this page or contribute missing data to mdn/browser-compat-data.


  • Include list of
  • other links related to
  • this API that might
  • be useful