SourceBuffer: appendWindowEnd property

The appendWindowEnd property of the SourceBuffer interface controls the timestamp for the end of the append window, a timestamp range that can be used to filter what media data is appended to the SourceBuffer. Coded media frames with timestamps within this range will be appended, whereas those outside the range will be filtered out.

The default value of appendWindowEnd is positive infinity.


A double, indicating the end time of the append window, in seconds.


The following exceptions may be thrown when setting a new value for this property:

InvalidAccessError DOMException

Thrown if an attempt was made to set the value to less than or equal to SourceBuffer.appendWindowStart or NaN.

InvalidStateError DOMException

Thrown if this SourceBuffer object is being updated (i.e. its SourceBuffer.updating property is currently true), or this SourceBuffer has been removed from the MediaSource.




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