ServiceWorkerGlobalScope: contentdelete event

The contentdelete event of the ServiceWorkerGlobalScope interface is fired when an item is removed from the indexed content via the user agent.

This event is not cancelable and does not bubble.


Use the event name in methods like addEventListener(), or set an event handler property.

addEventListener('contentdelete', event => { });

oncontentdelete = event => { };

Event type

Event properties

In addition to the properties listed below, this interface inherits the properties of its parent interface, ContentIndexEvent.

id Read only

A String which identifies the deleted content index via it's id.


The following example uses a contentdelete event handler to remove cached content related to the deleted index item.

self.addEventListener('contentdelete', event => {
  event.waitUntil('cache-name').then(cache => {
      return Promise.all([

You can also set up the event handler using the oncontentdelete property:

self.oncontentdelete = (event) => {


Content Index
# dom-serviceworkerglobalscope-oncontentdelete

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