Returns the bit depth of the screen. Per the CSSOM, some implementations return 24 for compatibility reasons. See the browser compatibility section for those that don't.


depth = window.screen.pixelDepth


// if there is not adequate bit depth
// choose a simpler color
if ( window.screen.pixelDepth > 8 ) { = "#FAEBD7";
} else { = "#FFFFFF";


Specification Status Comment
CSS Object Model (CSSOM) View Module
The definition of 'Screen.pixelDepth' in that specification.
Working Draft  

Browser Compatibility

We're converting our compatibility data into a machine-readable JSON format. This compatibility table still uses the old format, because we haven't yet converted the data it contains. Find out how you can help!

Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
Basic support (Yes)[1] ? ? (Yes)[1] ?
Feature Android Webview Chrome for Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Firefox OS IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support (Yes)[1] (Yes)[1] ? ? ? (Yes)[1] ?

[1] Beginning with Chrome 59/Opera 46 this property is no longer required to return 24.

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