The orientation read-only property of the Screen interface returns the current orientation of the screen.


var orientation = screen.orientation;

Return value

An instance of ScreenOrientation representing the orientation of the screen.

Note that older, prefixed versions returned a DOMString equivalent to ScreenOrientation.type.


var orientation = (screen.orientation || {}).type || screen.mozOrientation || screen.msOrientation;

if (orientation === "landscape-primary") {
  console.log("That looks good.");
} else if (orientation === "landscape-secondary") {
  console.log("Mmmh... the screen is upside down!");
} else if (orientation === "portrait-secondary" || orientation === "portrait-primary") {
  console.log("Mmmh... you should rotate your device to landscape");
} else if (orientation === undefined) {
  console.log("The orientation API isn't supported in this browser :(");


The Screen Orientation API
# dom-screen-orientation

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