This feature is obsolete. Although it may still work in some browsers, its use is discouraged since it could be removed at any time. Try to avoid using it.

The obsolete RTCIceCandidatePairStats property writable reports whether or not the connection described by the candidate pair is writable.


isWritable = rtcIceCandidatePairStats.writable;


A Boolean value which is true if the connection described by this candidate pair has received acknowledgement of receipt (ACK) for at least one ICE request and that STUN consent hasn't expired.

Note: This property was removed from the specification in early 2017 because you can determine whether or not an incoming ICE request is available to read by checking to see if responsesReceived is greater than 0 and that the time specified by consentExpiredTimestamp has not passed:

if (icpStats.responsesReceived > 0
    && icpStats.consentExpiredTimestamp < performance.now()) {
  /* at least one ICE response has been received */

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