RTCDataChannel: label property

The read-only RTCDataChannel property label returns a string containing a name describing the data channel. These labels are not required to be unique.

You may use the label as you wish; you could use it to identify all the channels that are being used for the same purpose, by giving them all the same name. Or you could give each channel a unique label for tracking purposes. It's entirely up to the design decisions made when building your site or app.

A unique ID can be found in the id property.

Note: A data channel's label is set when the channel is created by calling RTCPeerConnection.createDataChannel(). It cannot be changed after that.


A string identifier assigned by the website or app when the data channel was created, as specified when RTCPeerConnection.createDataChannel() was called to create the channel.


This sample creates a data channel on an RTCPeerConnection, then, some time later, sets the content of a UI element to display the channel's name.

const pc = new RTCPeerConnection();
const dc = pc.createDataChannel("my channel");

// …

document.getElementById("channel-name").innerHTML =
  `<span class='channelName'>${dc.label}</span>`;


WebRTC: Real-Time Communication in Browsers
# dom-datachannel-label

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