PaymentResponse: methodName property

Secure context: This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

The methodName read-only property of the PaymentResponse interface returns a string uniquely identifying the payment handler selected by the user.

This string may be either one of the standardized payment method identifiers or a URL used by the payment handler to process payments.


A string uniquely identifying the payment handler being used to process the payment. This may be either a standardized identifier, or a URL used by the payment processor to handle payments. See how merchant validation works.


The following example extracts the method name from the PaymentResponse object to the promise returned from In a real-world implementation this data would then be sent to a payment server.

js => {
  const paymentData = {
    // payment method string
    method: paymentResponse.methodName,
    // payment details as you requested
    details: paymentResponse.details,
    // shipping address information
    address: toDict(paymentResponse.shippingAddress),
  // Send information to the server


Payment Request API 1.1
# dom-paymentresponse-methodname

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