Secure context

This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

The PaymentRequestUpdateEvent interface is used for events sent to a PaymentRequest instance when changes are made to shipping-related information for a pending PaymentRequest. Those events are:

shippingaddresschange Secure context
Dispatched whenever the user changes their shipping address.
Also available using the onshippingaddresschange event handler property.
shippingoptionchange Secure context
Dispatched whenever the user changes a shipping option.
Also available using the onshippingoptionchange event handler property.


PaymentRequestUpdateEvent() Secure context
Creates a new PaymentRequestUpdateEvent object.


Provides only the properties inherited from its parent interface, Event.


In addition to methods inherited from the parent interface, Event, PaymentRequestUpdateEvent offers the following methods:

PaymentRequestUpdateEvent.updateWith() Secure context
If the event handler determines that information included in the payment request needs to be changed, or that new information needs to be added, it calls updateWith() with the information that needs to be replaced or added.


Payment Request API
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