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The PaymentMethodChangeEvent interface of the Payment Request API describes the paymentmethodchange event which is fired by some payment handlers when the user switches payment instruments (e.g., a user selects a "store" card to make a purchase while using Apple Pay).

Event PaymentRequestUpdateEvent PaymentMethodChangeEvent



Creates and returns a new PaymentMethodChangeEvent object.

Instance properties

In addition to the properties below, this interface includes properties inherited from PaymentRequestUpdateEvent.

methodDetails Read only

An object containing payment method-specific data useful when handling a payment method change. If no such information is available, this value is null.

methodName Read only

A string containing the payment method identifier, a string which uniquely identifies a particular payment method. This identifier is usually a URL used during the payment process, but may be a standardized non-URL string as well, such as basic-card. The default value is the empty string, "".

Instance methods

This interface includes methods inherited from PaymentRequestUpdateEvent.


Payment Request API 1.1
# paymentmethodchangeevent-interface

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