PaymentRequest: canMakePayment() method

Secure context: This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

The PaymentRequest method canMakePayment() determines whether or not the request is configured in a way that is compatible with at least one payment method supported by the user agent.

You can call this before calling show() to provide a streamlined user experience when the user's browser can't handle any of the payment methods you accept.

For instance, you might call canMakePayment() to determine if the browser will let the user pay using Payment Request API, and if it won't, you could fall back to another payment method, or offer a list of methods that aren't handled by Payment Request API (or even provide instructions for paying by mail or by phone).





Return value

A Promise to a boolean value that resolves to true if the user agent supports any of the payment methods supplied when instantiating the request using the PaymentRequest constructor. If the payment can't be processed, the promise receives a value of false.

Note: If you call this too often, the browser may reject the returned promise with a DOMException.


In the following example, is excerpted from a demo that asynchronously builds a PaymentRequest object for both Apple Pay and Example Pay. It wraps the call to canMakePayment() in feature detection, and calls an appropriate callback depending on the resolution of the Promise.

async function initPaymentRequest() {
  const details = {
    total: {
      label: "Total",
      amount: {
        currency: "USD",
        value: "0.00",

  const supportsApplePay = new PaymentRequest(
    [{ supportedMethods: "" }],

  // Supports Apple Pay?
  if (await supportsApplePay) {
    // show Apple Pay logo, for instance

  // Otherwise, let's see if we can use Example Pay
  const supportsExamplePay = await new PaymentRequest(
    [{ supportedMethods: "" }],

  if (supportsExamplePay) {
    // show Example Pay support

  // Otherwise, make payments using HTML form element


Payment Request API 1.1
# dom-paymentrequest-canmakepayment

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