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    The readyState property of the IDBRequest interface returns the state of the request.

    Every request starts in the pending state. The state changes to done when the request completes successfully or when an error occurs.


    var currentReadyState = request.readyState;


    The IDBRequestReadyState of the request, which takes one of the following two values:

    Value Meaning
    pending The request is pending.
    done The request is done.


    The following example requests a given record title, onsuccess gets the associated record from the IDBObjectStore (made available as objectStoreTitleRequest.result), updates one property of the record, and then puts the updated record back into the object store in another request. The readyState of the 2nd request is logged to the developer console. For a full working example, see our To-do Notifications app (view example live.)

    var title = "Walk dog";
    // Open up a transaction as usual
    var objectStore = db.transaction(['toDoList'], "readwrite").objectStore('toDoList');
    // Get the to-do list object that has this title as it's title
    var objectStoreTitleRequest = objectStore.get(title);
    objectStoreTitleRequest.onsuccess = function() {
      // Grab the data object returned as the result
      var data = objectStoreTitleRequest.result;
      // Update the notified value in the object to "yes"
      data.notified = "yes";
      // Create another request that inserts the item back into the database
      var updateTitleRequest = objectStore.put(data);
      // Log the source of this request
      console.log("The readyState of this request is " + updateTitlerequest.readyState);
      // When this new request succeeds, run the displayData() function again to update the display
      updateTitleRequest.onsuccess = function() {


    Specification Status Comment
    Indexed Database API
    The definition of 'readyState' in that specification.
    Candidate Recommendation  

    Browser compatibility

    Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
    Basic support 23webkit
    10 moz
    16.0 (16.0)
    10, partial 15 7.1
    Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Firefox OS IE Phone Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
    Basic support 4.4 22.0 (22.0) 1.0.1 10 22 Not supported

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