Stay up to date with MDN Updates

Whether Web APIs, JavaScript, CSS, HTTP, or HTML, MDN Web Docs reflects the ever-changing landscape for features across the most popular browsers and devices with detailed documentation and guidance geared towards developers.

When you're developing for the Web, you need to make sure you're building applications with well-supported features to give your users the best experience. Choosing new Web features means that you need to keep an eye on compatibility changes as vendors frequently add, update, or remove support for Web platform technologies.

MDN Updates is a feature that helps you navigate and curate Web platform technology support via a stream of updates. The results organized in the stream of updates show compatibility by feature across fourteen different browser engines, from iOS and Android to desktop and server platforms.

Features are categorized by technology like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, HTTP, and others to let you focus on the technologies that impact your development projects.

MDN Plus Updates lets you quickly get an overview of new, experimental, and upcoming browser support, new sub-features under a major feature, deprecated or removed support, and changes to existing browser compatibility data entries.

Using MDN Plus Updates

To use Updates, navigate to the MDN Plus Updates page, where you can see a list of all changes in browser support for features on MDN Web Docs listed by date.

Screenshot of default view

For each feature, updates display the release version and the date when browser support changed. Expanding the update shows Browser Compatibility Tables to indicate support across all browsers and devices. The feature update includes links to MDN Web Docs pages with clear documentation and guidance on how to use it.

Expanded feature screenshot with the table, link to docs, watch and save

Filtering and searching web platform updates

By default, the list of updates shows all changes grouped by browser release version and date. Selecting a browser from the dropdown menu will filter the list of changes to only show changes for that browser. You can select a category from the dropdown menu to only show changes for that technology category or combine that with a browser filter to show only changes for a specific browser and technology category.

Filtered screenshot, browser and category

You can also search for a specific feature by name or keyword to find the functionality you're looking for.

Search screenshot"

Curating your own collection of updates

Aside from Browser Compatibility Tables and links to the MDN Web Docs pages, expanding feature details provides an additional option to Save the feature. Saving a feature will add it to a curated collection of features you want to track. You can create multiple collections to organize and group features that matter most for your applications and projects.

Saving a feature to a collection allows you to add the feature to a collection of saved features. You can create multiple collections to organize and group features you want to track.

Screenshot of multiple collections

To view your collection of saved features, click the Saved tab at the top of the Updates page.

Screenshot showing the multiple collections on the updates page

Visit the MDN Plus Updates page and give us feedback.