AI Help

Get real-time assistance and support

AI Help, available for both free and paid MDN Plus subscribers, utilizes OpenAI GPT-3.5 for free users and GPT-4 for paying subscribers to enhance the MDN experience. It offers quick and effective access to MDN's broad database. It specializes in searching and summarizing MDN content to directly address your queries. Additionally, for web development queries not covered in MDN, AI Help draws on its external knowledge, always indicating when the sources are from outside MDN.

Key Features

  • Asking Questions: You can ask your web development related questions directly on MDN, in AI Help.
  • Content Search: AI Help locates relevant articles from MDN's pages and presents them to you.
  • Summary Generation: It offers concise summaries as answers to your questions, providing the option to explore the sources directly, read the summary, or both.
  • Code Testing: When articles include code examples, you can test the code directly in the MDN Playground, allowing you to immediately check the code accuracy.

How to Use AI Help

Navigate to AI Help via the top menu bar on MDN pages.

If you're not logged in or don't have an MDN Plus account, you'll be prompted to sign up or log in using your Mozilla Account.

Screenshot of AI Help page as non-logged in user, AI Help button highlighted as well as the Log in/Sign up options

Once logged in, you'll access AI Help's main page where you can select from the suggested questions or input your own.

AI Help will search MDN and display the consulted pages in real time with summary links.

Screenshot of logged-in AI Help page, AI Help Search highlighted, questions inserted and answer generated

You’ll be able to Edit your question by using the edit option, and AI Help will provide you with a new answer.

Screenshot of logged-in AI Help page, AI Help Edit option opened and highlighted, on the same question as above

Chat History

Enable chat history to save your interactions and come back later to them.

Screenshot of same logged-in AI Help page, AI Help Chat History highlighted with click on button ‘Enable History’

You can also manage your history directly from your Account Settings, and disable or delete it at any time.

Screenshot of Account Settings page, with Chat History Enable and Delete highlighted’

Code Testing

Select code examples and test them in the MDN Playground for a quick check of code accuracy and a seamless coding experience.

Screenshot of an AI Help answer with code examples that are being added to a list for sending them to the Playground

Screenshot with code examples opened in the Playground


You can rate answers using the thumbs-up/down mechanism.

Screenshot with thumbs up/down highlighted

If you think an answer is incorrect or unhelpful, file an issue using the provided template, and one of our engineers will look into it and get back to you quickly.

Screenshot with Github issue template open

You can also use the dedicated feedback link on the AI Help page for general feedback about the feature.

Screenshot with the general feedback link highlighted

Thank you for using AI Help to enhance your MDN experience!