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Type Array

The related_applications field is an array of objects specifying native applications that are installable by, or accessible to, the underlying platform — for example, a native Android application obtainable through the Google Play Store. Such applications are intended to be alternatives to the manifest's website that provides similar/equivalent functionality — like the native app equivalent.

Note: Developer can specify that the native applications are preferred over the web application by setting prefer_related_applications to true.


"related_applications": [
    "platform": "play",
    "url": "",
    "id": "com.example.app1"
  }, {
    "platform": "itunes",
    "url": ""
  }, {
    "platform": "windows",
    "url": ""

Application objects may contain the following properties:

Member Description
platform The platform on which the application can be found. List of available values
url The URL at which the application can be found.
id The ID used to represent the application on the specified platform.


Web Application Manifest
# related_applications-member

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