Type String
Mandatory No

The scope member is a string that defines the navigation scope of this web application's application context. It restricts what web pages can be viewed while the manifest is applied. If the user navigates outside the scope, it reverts to a normal web page inside a browser tab or window.

If the scope is a relative URL, the base URL will be the URL of the manifest.


If the scope is relative, the manifest URL is used as a base URL:

"scope": "/app/"

The following scope limits navigation to the current site:

"scope": ""

Finally, the following example limits navigation to a subdirectory of the current site:

"scope": ""


Specification Status Comment Feedback

Web App Manifest
The definition of 'scope' in that specification.

Working Draft

Initial definition.

Web App Manifest Working Group drafts

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Experimental. Expect behavior to change in the future.