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Type Object

The screenshots member defines an array of screenshots intended to showcase the application. These images are intended to be used by progressive web app stores.


"screenshots" : [
    "src": "screenshot1.webp",
    "sizes": "1280x720",
    "type": "image/webp",
    "platform": "wide",
    "label": "Homescreen of Awesome App"
    "src": "screenshot2.webp",
    "sizes": "1280x720",
    "type": "image/webp",
    "platform": "wide",
    "label": "List of Awesome Resources available in Awesome App"

The label member is a string that serves as an accessible name for the screenshots. It can also serve as alternative text for the screenshots.

The platform member is also a string that can define the distribution platform for which the specific screenshots should apply to. If not defined, user agents can use the screenshot's aspect ratio for displaying.

The platform member can be set to one of the following general purpose values:

  • wide : for screenshots applicable to wide screens only (e.g., status boards).
  • narrow : for narrow screenshots (e.g., mobile devices, wearables).

It can also be set to android, chromeos, ios, kaios, macos, windows and xbox for the screenshots to display on specific operating systems or to chrome_web_store, play, itunes, microsoft-inbox and microsoft-store for the screenshots to display on specific application distribution platforms.


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