Type Array

The shortcuts member defines an array of shortcuts or links to key tasks or pages within a web app. A user agent can use these values to assemble a context menu to be displayed by the operating system when a user engages with the web app's icon. When user invokes a shortcut, the user agent will navigate to the address given by shortcut's url member.

Shortcut item values

Shortcut objects may contain the following values (only name and url are required):

Member Description
name A string that can be displayed to the user in a context menu.
short_name A string that can be displayed where there is insufficient space to display the full name of the shortcut.
description A string that describes the purpose of the shortcut. It may be exposed to assistive technology.
url A URL within the application that opens when the shortcut is activated.
icons A set of icons that represent the shortcut. They can be used, e.g., in the context menu. When included, the icon set must include a 96x96 pixel icon.


The following is a list of shortcuts a calendar app might have:

"shortcuts" : [
    "name": "Today's agenda",
    "url": "/today",
    "description": "List of events planned for today"
    "name": "New event",
    "url": "/create/event"
    "name": "New reminder",
    "url": "/create/reminder"


Web Application Manifest
# shortcuts-member

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