Type Array

The icons member specifies an array of objects representing image files that can serve as application icons for different contexts. For example, they can be used to represent the web application amongst a list of other applications, or to integrate the web application with an OS's task switcher and/or system preferences.


"icons": [
    "src": "icon/lowres.webp",
    "sizes": "48x48",
    "type": "image/webp"
    "src": "icon/lowres",
    "sizes": "48x48"
    "src": "icon/hd_hi.ico",
    "sizes": "72x72 96x96 128x128 256x256"
    "src": "icon/hd_hi.svg",
    "sizes": "any"


Image objects may contain the following values:

Member Description
sizes A string containing space-separated image dimensions using the same syntax as the sizes attribute.
src The path to the image file. If src is a relative URL, the base URL will be the URL of the manifest.
type A hint as to the media type of the image. The purpose of this member is to allow a user agent to quickly ignore images with media types it does not support.

Defines the purpose of the image, for example if the image is intended to serve some special purpose in the context of the host OS (i.e., for better integration).

purpose can have one or more of the following values, separated by spaces:

  • monochrome: A user agent can present this icon where a monochrome icon with a solid fill is needed. The color information in the icon is discarded and only the alpha data is used. The icon can then be used by the user agent like a mask over any solid fill.
  • maskable: The image is designed with icon masks and safe zone in mind, such that any part of the image outside the safe zone can safely be ignored and masked away by the user agent.
  • any: The user agent is free to display the icon in any context (this is the default value).


Web Application Manifest
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