The static Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor() method is similar to Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(). It returns a property descriptor of the given property if it exists on the object, undefined otherwise.


Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(target, propertyKey)


The target object in which to look for the property.
The name of the property to get an own property descriptor for.

Return value

A property descriptor object if the property exists in target object; otherwise, undefined.


A TypeError, if target is not an Object.


The Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor method returns a property descriptor of the given property if it exists in the target object, undefined otherwise. The only difference to Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor() is how non-object targets are handled.


Using Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor()

Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor({x: 'hello'}, 'x')
// {value: "hello", writable: true, enumerable: true, configurable: true}

Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor({x: 'hello'}, 'y')
// undefined

Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor([], 'length')
// {value: 0, writable: true, enumerable: false, configurable: false}

Difference to Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor()

If the target argument to this method is not an object (a primitive), then it will cause a TypeError. With Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor, a non-object first argument will be coerced to an object at first.

Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor('foo', 0)
// TypeError: "foo" is not non-null object

Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor('foo', 0)
// { value: "f", writable: false, enumerable: true, configurable: false }


ECMAScript (ECMA-262)
The definition of 'Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor' in that specification.

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