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The USBInterface interface of the WebUSB API provides information about an interface provided by the USB device. An interface represents a feature of the device which implements a particular protocol and may contain endpoints for bidirectional communication.



Creates a new USBInterface object which will be populated with information about the interface on the provided USBConfiguration with the given interface number.


USBInterface.interfaceNumberRead only

Returns the interface number of this interface. This is equal to the bInterfaceNumber field of the interface descriptor defining this interface.

USBInterface.alternateRead only

Returns the currently selected alternative configuration of this interface. By default this is the USBAlternateInterface from alternates with alternateSetting equal to 0. It can be changed by calling USBDevice.selectAlternateInterface() with any other value found in alternates.

USBInterface.alternatesRead only

Returns an array containing instances of the USBAlternateInterface interface describing each of the alternative configurations possible for this interface.

USBInterface.claimedRead only

Returns whether or not this interface has been claimed by the current page by calling USBDevice.claimInterface().


# usbinterface

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